For the Love of Funk & Soul

October 06, 2015  •  5 Comments

This past weekend, Safety Harbor hosted it’s Harbor Sounds Music Festival. A great way to kick off the Fall festivities and Octoberfest in this quaint little village. If you’ve been to Safety Harbor, you know this little Tampabay town is tucked away outside the bigger city action. The laid back vibe got kicked aside for the evening when The Black Honkeys came into town. Bro Phil and company turned Safety Harbor to Sexy Harbor with their old school rhythms steeped in Funk & Soul. 

I’ve been a fan, and clearly was not alone as throngs gathered to dance and sing along so many familiar tunes.  I had just finished up a @Cleargram meetup at HoneyMoon Island and decided to stop by for a few minuets to say hello and enjoy the music. Also finding inspiration from music as a concert photographer here are just a few quick photos paying tribute to these old school vibes. Hope you enjoy the photos and as always, you’re welcome to share this post with other Black Honkeys fans out there. 
Up next: Clearwater Jazz Holiday is just around the corner, stay tuned for some recaps, also check out their new instagram profile at @ClearwaterJazz, I’ll be hosting some posts these next few weeks. Hope to see you there as well. 


Barbra Breslauer(non-registered)
Great pics! Epic! Keep up the good work!
Sharon Shingleton(non-registered)
I love to get honkeyfied. I've known Bro Phil since he was a young boy and I knew way back then that he was destined for the stage. Great photos of a great group.
Jeremiah Khokhar Photography
Thanks Larry Doyle, that's very kind!
Larry Doyle(non-registered)
Great pictures!... I moved to West Palm Beach and miss seeing the Black Honkeys so much!
Sharleen Gamble(non-registered)
I agree it was an AMAZING night and they truly brought the groove! It was standing room only at this concert while they gave us fans yet another FANTASTICALLY GROOVY performance! My friends and I danced like no one was watching!!! Always a great time whenever and wherever the Black Honkeys perform! These musicians give it all they've got and I'm so grateful!! Keep on doin' what you do!!!

Your photos are fantastic! They captured so much raw passion and I thank you for sharing them with us!
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