Happy Feet, Happy Dance, Happy Day ICE-T goes back home today

January 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Feet!

I got to be a part of another great story today.

It goes like this: Folks at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium respond to animals in need.  They devote precious resources to nurture these either wounded or sick animals back to health...sometimes just a few weeks or even months.  Then they get an all clear from the doc who says their patient is ready to go back home.  Boom, mixed emotions, happy, sad, joy, relief...they make a plan, call guys like me and  voilà a story is born right?  Well, not exactly just like that...
This story isn't just about Ice-T who did by the way got to go back into her natural home today after being at CMA since August 4, 2013.  If you look below you'll see her final farewell smile. 
This story is about the happy feet. Nope not the penguin move with rock & roll music.  See those feet in the background? Yes! those feet belong to the folks who with their hands have loved and cared for Ice-T and so many other marine friends.  This story is about the daily work we cannot see and perhaps sometimes forget is happening...this story is about the staff, caregivers, and volunteers who work tirelessly to be great stewards of what we have been entrusted with so that guys like me can go out and capture these celebratory moments within that story.
Thanks to all at CMA for their work day in and out!
For those who'd like more details, I've pasted below here an excerpt from the official press release sent out by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium: 


"Ice-T joined the rehabilitation facility at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium on August 4th, 2013. After receiving a call about a sub-adult loggerhead sea turtle on Madeira Beach, CMA’s Rescue Team responded to recover her. When Ice-T arrived at the aquarium for her initial work-up, she was covered with algae and large barnacles. She was alert, but very lethargic. After routine blood work and a CT scan it was determined that she had severe pneumonia, as well as battling a fungal infection. During her rehabilitation, it was found that she was a very picky eater preferring only to squid and shrimp. As her health improved the CMA staff would catch live crab and offer them to her. Ice-T proved that she was still a great hunter and was well on her way back to good health."





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