108th annual Theophany/Epiphany 2014 celebration Tarpon Springs

January 07, 2014  •  11 Comments

Each year the Greek orthodox celebration, commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ and the manifestation of all three persons of the Trinitarian God of the bible are held in Tarpon Springs, FL. It is called Theophany or Epiphany and as  the largest Greek community in North America, Tarpon Springs is a major hub for this celebration.  For orthodox Greeks Throughout the world , this is a significant event both in it's religious and traditional implications. Yesterday was the 108th year this has been celebrated in Tarpon Springs.

Having lived in Pinellas County now for over 11 years I've wanted to go and witness this celebration myself for some time now and finally had the opportunity to do so yesterday.  The celebration begins in St. Nicholas Cathedral and then moves in procession to Spring Bayou and then ends at the Community center for a celebration of culture, dance, food, and much more.  

So here are some observations of mine, I'll share them as captions where applicable to help keep this brief.



Saw this view as I walked up- children wrapped in tradition. 



Tradition doesn't happen without care and intentionality...It's detailed work! 




St. Nicholas Cathedral 




Leadership & the faces of Wisdom 




Starting the procession.




Things seemed to pop-up in threes for some reason...


Culturally relevant still





Taking a moment to consider, soaking it all in- shutting out the world.




Feeling blessed, open to blessing!




​My favorite theme from the day. Following in footsteps. What a powerful message is sent when you see the older generation leading, teaching, being involved in generations behind them. Pretty & radical!


Daphni Austin(non-registered)
Thank you for capturing the essence of Thephany. I am in the choir so we aren't able to see all the images you were able to highlight. I especially want to thank you for the photos of our cross retriever, Peter Tommy Smith!
so very beautiful!! You captured the beauty of our Church and our church community---thank you for your attention to details--- many often only want to find criticism when doing a shoot on faith---you went right for the beauty of it---once again--I thank you….
Jeremiah Khokhar Photography
Thank you to each one of you who have taken the time to comment and look through my work. I am incredibly grateful to you for your kindness and gracious comments. For those that are interested in purchasing prints (Natalie) please contact me through my website contact page or on Facebook. Thank you once again!!
Beautiful shots of a beautiful event! Would it be possible to order prints from you? You have a photo that I would absolutely love to have!
Tommy Mahinis(non-registered)
You captured the Greek Orthodox Epiphany tradition incredibly!
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