A little Christmas tree fun

December 01, 2013  •  4 Comments

I had never done a time lapse video before and had always wanted to do one of Christmas tree lights…So, just for fun and because this is my favorite time of the year I set up the go pro and went fishing like all go pro shots really are. Oh and not to worry, I won't quit my day job editing one still photo at a time…;) 


Merry Christmas Season friends! 


Jeremiah Khokhar Photography
Very many thanks Sharon Shingleton! Also wishing you a meaningful and blessed season!
Jeremiah Khokhar Photography
Thanks Jen, it is always a special memory each year we do this.
Sharon Shingleton(non-registered)
How wonderful is this? Thank you so much for allowing me to share such a special moment with your family. The music is great and the video is greater. May your sweet family have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!
Jen Canales(non-registered)
Very sweet! Great to see your adorable family setting up a lovely tree. Happy holidays!
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