Halloween- for the pigs too. My top 10 things I've learned 2013

November 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

This year we did trick or treating in two phases. One, downtown Safety Harbor on Main Street, and then through our neighborhood. Here are a couple things I'd like to share.  My top ten things I've learned.



1. Bring your pets dressed (pigs and all) even if you're not taking part in costumes.



2. If you've got an awesome costume and can make your dog a part of the story then do it!




3. If your costume is beyond awesome then don't worry about the dogs.




4. If you don't have a dog then bring a walking stick.




5. Awaken your inner child (especially if you have really little ones still) be a part of the fun.




6. Actually where are all the kids?




7. If you don't have kids this is Halloween on steroids. Grr...




8. Welcome to the sleepy little town of Safety Harbor. 





9. If you dress up like a photographer, note that I will stop you and ask to take your photograph. Best costume ever!!




10. Last but not least, if you are a super hero and have super hair don't forget to bling it out with sparkles et al. 



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