Family Christmas cards from paradise- Clearwater Beach!

November 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Just think about it.  You're on vacation from Wisconsin or heck for that matter, anyplace where it's freezing right now.  You are down on Clearwater Beach having the time of your life, enjoy the water and warm weather and basking in your good fortune.  It then dawns on Jeremiah to do Christmas photos for us this year.  Bam!! You go from studio photos or from being all bundled up outside in the snow to sending your family and friends (who are also freezing)  a Christmas card next month with one of the following photos.  Pretty easily you win best photo.  Not because I took them but because, well, you're in paradise in the fall. 

Ok, all joking aside, I had a fabulous time meeting the Herr crew and getting the pleasure of photographing them while they were down in Clearwater on vacation.  Don't worry they got several more photos that were in color so they could really show off the sunshine state in style.  Since I live in the sunshine state and am a tad bit spoiled, I kinda enjoyed several of these monochromatic edits.

Christmas cards in paradise! 



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