Clearwater Surfers be like "Woohoo 17 mile an hour winds"

November 26, 2013  •  5 Comments

​I love surfers in Clearwater.  A couple times a year when we get "huge" waves they come out in packs. I don't normally get the pleasure of watching but this was fun…This particular group of guys was just into this sesh and living up the swells so I just had to take a couple of photos and share the joy especially with all the west coast Floridians who will enjoy this.  Perhaps the east coast guys might enjoy this more though, not sure.  So this post really is for fun, I'm not saying these guys weren't serious and or good surfers- or perhaps I'll let you decide. 

Enjoy a few shots from the "Big Wave of November 2013."



"Surfboard without a rider" 




Do this Gangnam Style 



Into the mystic 






Enough cute stuff there are waves to surf




Epic yo! 





Great photos plus excellent satire! Well done!
Jeremiah Khokhar Photography
Thank you Sharon Shingleton! I really appreciate that, thanks for stopping by glad you liked these. :)
Sharon Shingleton
Very entertaining...puts a smile on my face and takes me back to the days of my youth. I have surfed those waves on Clearwater Beach.
Jeremiah Khokhar Photography
Thank you So very much Marti Smith! I enjoyed watching them have fun…couldn't resist!
Marti Smith(non-registered)
Love the pictures. These surfers were having a great time and it shows. It is all about feeling the water move you and the wind on your face and being able to ride that wave. These pictures captured all that for me.
Great photography.
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