Cleargram, a labor of love and a passion for Clearwater

November 19, 2013  •  2 Comments
Earlier this year I started a community online called Cleargram. It's been a passion and labor of love over the past 9 months.  On a quick personal note I'm thrilled because it has allowed me to grow as a photographer and make some amazingly talented friends along the way.
The goal was to create a community centered on visual creativity and all things Clearwater. It's natural beauty, landscapes, city, neighborhoods, food, and attractions.  So why Clearwater?  Simple, because it's awesome, it's where we live & work, and because having a unified creative community is good for those members and also for our city.  As I see it, the creative awareness in our town isn't like several of our neighboring cities.  To be very clear, this doesn't mean there aren't many excellent, creative things going on in Clearwater, it simply means we want to band all these people together for mutual encouragement, support, and growth.  There is power in community and sharing and that's what Cleargram is.
So it is with great joy that I can present this photo to you below.  Leaving cyber space and social media behind we met, 13 of us, to be creative and have some fun together this past Sunday.  For many this was the first time meeting in person after following each other for many, many years.  I'm so thankful for each of the participants that came out to support the first ever Cleargram photo walk on Clearwater Beach.  Here is a photo of our group below.  Also, if you'd like to see what we did that day (mostly with camera phones) you can check out our Cleargram page on FaceBook here or follow our special hashtag on Instagram which is #Cleargramwalk1.  
Lastly, if you'd like to support and enjoy local artists doing some great work highlighting our city please come join the fun, like our page on Facebook, share it with your friends (especially the ones shoveling snow this time of year) and/or follow any of the other channels on Twitter or Instagram.  Thanks for stopping by, we'll see you on Cleargram soon! 


Jeremiah Khokhar Photography
We missed you Rick, will hope to catch up at the next one.
Rick Dohme(non-registered)
Wanted to come but had to speak at a funeral:( Nice looking group.
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