Lake Street Dive Take Stage at Clearwater Jazz 2013

October 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

A brief honest chat about this next band.  Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan! Having said that, prior to Clearwater Jazz Holiday announcing the lineup for 2013 I had never heard of Lake Street Dive. Now the back story here is, weeks prior to Jazz Holiday, In the interest of doing my research and getting familiar with the various acts I didn't know, I pulled up the lineup on and worked my way down that list on Spotify (as any self respecting, poor, lover of loads of music would) and behold eventually got to the Sunday bands.  Type in Lake Street Dive and the first song that pops up in the 'popular section' summary above their albums is "I want you Back." Within the first two measures of Rachel Price singing I hit pause and simple had to see what this voice looked like.  Scurrying over to Youtube, pulled the song up, and saw this unassuming daylight, road side, video cover that rocked!  I quickly emailed it to three friends (who came out just to hear them) and pretty much never made it past them for a week. 

Super fresh, super 'don't try so hard to impress', effortless and beautiful singing, no gimmicks, and a bass player who rocks open notes like nobody's business are some of the reasons I love their sound. Talking about the elephant in the room (for me) is the fact that they took a serious energetic anthem of soul and R&B by the Jackson Five and reworked it and made it a different song.  This is okay for many songs but quite risky for something so huge.  The only resemblance to the original is it's led by a signature, melodious bass line and that's pretty much it.  Playing it in this sort of Funeral Dirge(esk) tempo, trumpet overtones and killer harmonies reminiscent of some poorly lit back corner of New Orleans 50 years ago is a far cry from the "Uh-huh huh huhhh" vocal intro by Michael Jackson.  In my not so expert opinion I think they hit a home run!
One last point to well, point out and coming back to my world... :) Daytime concerts in bright sunlight are pretty close to the bane of my existence (not really but close) and are so very tough to shoot creatively so, inspired by the bands originality, I've broken my regular concert photography down into some unique parts, hope you enjoy the slight bit of twist. 


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