Halloween Pumpkins the LoveFL Way from Clearwater Beach

October 31, 2013  •  2 Comments

I just carved my very first Halloween pumpkin.  This here was just a fun little diversion from loads of concert photography.  Actually, I didn't grow up celebrating Halloween as a kid or even an adult until I had kids 8 years ago and not because I lived in some weird, secluded compound out in the middle of nowhere.  I was raised in a country where we didn't have halloween.  So...it isn't a huge deal for me but, tell my kids I said that and I'll deny every word.  Truth is I love the old "raid their stash after they pass out" dealeo. Always a fun guiltless (sort of) more importantly calorie free treat. Get it? :) 

Ok never mind the silly pun, I took this shot lat year and I've posted several from this series of  fire poi over on my Facebook page  but this was the runt of the lot...it isn't a great shot and quite seriously under exposed compared to the rest.  However, taking a break from concert photos (because I'm tired of now looking at microphone stands and cables destroying otherwise great photos.  I really don't understand why all our phones are wireless but not our microphones).  I digress...Back to the photo now.  Everything about the photo is real minus one part (well two if you count the VERY rare color splash effect). Let's see if you can guess which part. Leave me a comment or send me some candy! 
Happy candy collecting day for the kids & happy candy eating day to all the parents like myself!  


Jeremiah Khokhar Photography
Mary F. Most appreciative for that information I wasn't previously but now so keenly aware of. I couldn't agree and thank you enough!
Mary F.(non-registered)
Very cool photo JK. And as a side note, you need to know that eating kid's dark chocolate Halloween candy is merely the tax kids pay for parents to inspect it for them.
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