Clearwater Jazz Holiday Day 3 headliners in review. (une partie)

October 28, 2013  •  1 Comment


The Average White Band- Scottish Funk down soul downright in Clearwater
If you weren't in Coachman Park Saturday night well then I'm sorry!  If you were just skip all this writing and scroll down to the photos because you already know what I'm going to say. Saturday was the Funkified powerhouse duo between Average White Band (AWB) and Tower of Power. It was the night where you weren't in your seat most of the time, shoot several of my money shots are blurry because I couldn't help but shake and boggie and my camera doesn't like that when shooting in low light, high ISO's, and pretty slow shutter speeds.  You get the point. 
Pick up the Pieces, Work to do, Cut some Cake etc make it pretty tough to be still...unless you're tied down that is or don't have a pulse.  While this isn't a mainstream Jazz band, the horns and Funk made the crowds (myself included) not care. It was a great show and the combo of them opening up for Tower of Power just made it a special night. 
Below are some of my favs. Check it, but please don't download this work. I really appreciate it!! Several followers have written in and these along with all the other Jazz Holiday Photos will be uploaded for sale back on my website so check back towards the end of the week. 


Sharon Shingleton(non-registered)
Once again, you have blown me away with these shots. It was such a fun night and I thank you so much!!! These bring all the funktastic memories rushing back.
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