A Tower of Power unto the Legends of Funk & Goodbye Larry Braggs

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A Tower of Power
Tower of Power...there isn't that much to say that hasn't already been said better by someone else. I would just like to add, before the highlights from their show as the headlining act for day 3 at the 34th Clearwater Jazz Holiday, my two cents.  I'm was struck on two levels with Larry Braggs. First his humility back stage. He commanded a presence but wasn't the slightest big arrogant.  I see a lot of famous people in my line or work, also many important people and this experience will stand out for me for many years to come. 
Then on stage, I was stuck again by his incredible joy and passion for what he does. I love musicians and artists like that!! They really allow me to connect in a way that is special and ultimately help me craft better images.
Having said that, there is no way to underscore the great importance of key writer Stephen "Doc" Kupka or guys like Emilio Castillo (founding member and band leader) or the funky fresh rhythm  signature groove of drummer David Garibaldi and bass master Francis Rocco Prestia. Take away any of these guys and I think TOP loses something vital.  But the front man will always be the main thing we see and according to a recent post on the band's website it's sad to know that this is probably the last time Clearwater fans will see Larry Braggs out in front belting his soulful funk with TOP. They have announced that 2013 will be his last year with the band.  Larry has been the longest tenured vocalist for TOP and it's been one heck of a ride since he joined in 1999.
So this is a special sort of goodbye to Larry Braggs. Thanks for your kind humility and for sharing that big smile on stage!  Wishing you all the best and look forward to your next project. 
Below are my highlights from their show at the The Clearwater Jazz Holiday 2013. 



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